Setting prioritizing nanotechnology application in vehicle industries with combinational fuzzy decision model

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty Member, Azad University

2 M.Sc. Student, Azad University.

3 M.Sc. Azad University


Nanotechnology has variant applications in vehicle industries and their prioritizing is important for decision- making about the best allocation of different sources and the investing for accessing to developing markets of produces of Nano Technology in alimentary industries and their expanding. However, the problem is that how the prioritization of the applications in alimentary industries is done on the base of combinational model of Fuzzy Multiple Criteria Decision Making (FMCDM). The first with performing prioritization research and science document, important criteria of initial of Nano Technology application in vehicle industries section extract and anther opinion of universities master and vehicle industries aware for riddle , so the criteria that have the more decimal and fuzzy weightings are selected. Then survey ten people of aware and data analysis with software Excel supporting and result solution method of FDEMATEL was shown that criteria of the most effective is “Technological merit” and the most effected is “Technology development potential” . Also combinational method of ANP based on DEMATEL (DANP) the criteria “Financial risk” the most importance for technology selection to be happened. Finally the solution method VIKOR was shown that nanotechnology application in “Nanostructures / Nano composites /Nanoparticles” and “Functional coatings and lubrication” both were the first priority. The results can help the decision maker to improve the priorities and strategic programing.


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