Modeling the effect of identifying, absorption and acquisition of technology on technology Leapfrogging

Document Type : Research Paper



In this research some of impressive indices of absorption capacity and technology Catch-up specified in order to design a model for effect of Absorptive Capacity on Technology Catch-up, the model was evaluated in the selected technology. Technology Selection was done by Malik model. Literature review, expert opinion considering and Grounded theory leads us to a classification for dimensions and finally with a gradual correction, a conceptual model is developed. A questionnaire with 54 questions was distributed in target society that 267 questionnaires from 600 questionnaires were received. The results with Exploratory Function Analysis (EFA) surveyed. In the first step, results showed that there are 9 fundamental factors which consist of 29 main elements for absorptive capacity and there are 8 fundamental factors which consist of 25 main elements for technology catch-up and 1 fundamental factor to absorptive capacity and 2 fundamental factor to technology catch-up added by using the model which designed with literature review. In the second step, 10 elements of absorptive capacity and technology catch-up in first step had been included in 5 and 4 factors. Structural equations model considered for both two steps. Outcomes confirm the first extracted model and the main hypothesis of this study that was significant and positive impact absorptive capacity on technology catch up. Finally maintenance and commitment to innovation were identified as significant dimensions that they can help to policymaking in this field.


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