Pathology of Science and Technology Policies of Iran: An Analysis of the five-year development plans

Document Type : Research Paper



In the past two decades, the emphasis on policy formulation and planning for the development of science and technology in Iran can be found in the words of officials as well as upstream documents of the country. It seems, however, there are a few comprehensive studies which criticized the science and technology policies in the previous five-year development plans. By an exploratory and a descriptive approach and utilizing of quantitative and qualitative content analysis to extract and describe the data, this research has attempted to examine all of Iran’s development plans after revolution. The result of this pathology is presented in the three main categories, namely, structural analysis, quantitative analysis and qualitative analysis. Finally, based on the results of the research, some suggestions for better formulating the provisions of the sixth development plan in the area of science, technology and innovation have been expressed.


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