Science Foresight in Wind-catcher Technology: Application of Life-cycle, Text Mining and Cluster Analysis

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Nowadays, foresight techniques are used widely in different fields. Using these methods helps us to deal with future phenomena. Hence, this type of science is used in the field of energy management. Based on our knowledge, there is no such a study in which foresight methods has been used in the field of natural ventilation in residential areas. This paper describes the development and application of a science foresight methodology, and shows how it can be used to outline future research opportunities for a specific natural ventilation concept, the wind catcher. . The analysis is performed on the basis of 70 peer-reviewed papers. First, life-cycle analysis is used to map the current and future development trends of wind catcher systems. Next, using text mining and clustering analysis, the knowledge gaps and uncharted research areas in this field are identified. This information is used to evaluate the possible opportunities for new research and development activities. The paper concludes with a reflection on the methodology and its potential in future studies.


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