A Model for Technology Commercialization in Public Research Organizations of Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



By a quick look at the performance of public research organizations of Iran it can be realized that despite extensive capabilities in technology development, many of these organizations fail in the process of technology commercialization. Thus, the main objective of this study is to present a model for explaining technology commercialization in public research institutes and providing recommendations and considerations for managers and policy makers who are involved in the development of science and
technology system of Iran. In this research, a model is proposed for technology commercialization in public research organizations by conducting 24case studies in 6 public research institutes in Iran. The results of the study showed that the model contains 4 elements namely: Stages and activities which fulfilled during commercialization process and Internal and External Organizational Stakeholders and Factors which affected this process. The process of technology commercialization in public research organizations has 5 main phases with 15 ancillary steps. These steps are accomplished within the main phases and proceed sequentially. During the fulfillment of each step, 8 activities may be performed. In the model, technology development and documentation, negotiating and lobbying with stakeholders, marketing and marketing research, and coordination and decision making are the most important activities in comparison with the other 4 activities.