Identification Of Factors impacting The Failure Of Science Collaboration And Innovation Networks: The Pathology Of The Offices Of Mediator Institution

Document Type : Research Paper



Defense industry is one of the most important users of new technologies in the country that plays an active role in the innovation process. In recent years the importance of science and innovation cooperation networks in the areas of defense is well understood and to networking capabilities of the elite, universities, research centers and knowledge – based companies “Center of scientific cooperation and the elite affiers” was established to creation and development of scientific network of Defense industry. So far, the mission of the Center of scientific cooperation and the elite affairs has not yet fully achieved and there are many barriers along the way. The study focused on the offices of mediator in the network, by using of a qualitative approach major obstacles to the formation of effective networks in the field of defense industry were identified. To this end After reviewing the literature and concepts of scientific collaboration and innovation’s network, interviews with 10 officials of the offices of a mediator in one of the main networks in the Defense industry by thematical analysis method was analysed and ultimately in the form of major and minor themes were defined. The results show that barriers to staff, environmental condition and managerial and structural elements decreases the effectiveness of the mediator's offices to play their role in the network.