Comparative study business models of top crowdfunding platforms in the world

Document Type : Research Paper


1 faculty member of allameh tabtabaii university

2 M sc. entrepreneurship management of allameh tabatabaii university


Financing is one of the main risks for entrepreneurs that already has provided numerous offer to response that. The growth of social networks and also platforms that created on the Internet through community had made fundraising possible. The research aimed to study the business models of the top crowdfunding platform in the world and also the trend conversion in participate motivation. The applied methodology is based on comparative-analytical and in this regard, library resources, information network and communicate with specialists crowdfunding platforms were used. In this study, top 100 platform in the world, participant motivation, changing trend in their motivation, geographical distribution has been examined. The results of this study showed that social behavior is changing. Participants tend to split their investment effectively, so all the platforms with a loan and buy stock has risen, so that in 2015, 84 percent of crowdfunding market size had dedicated to loan and equity models. Another significant point is changing simple business models like donation and reward to complicated models like loan and equity.