Designing a model for know-how valuation For Techmarts

Document Type : Research Paper



In recent years, knowledge importance leads to knowledge-based economy. Knowledge-Based economy is a type of economy that production and knowledge have an important role in wealth and value added creation. In this
Structure, commercialization of innovative projects and ideas is important and in commercialization process, the accurate and close to reality valuation has a fundamental role.
In this paper, based on literature review, we propose a valuation model for Techmarts, as an important part of technology and know-how markets. In Techmarts, technology, know-how and innovative ideas are presented and transferred between supply and demand parties.
According to the proposed model, the valuation of know-how is based on two group of factors those are before and after market entry factors and final valuation is based on weighted combination of these two factors. To validate proposed model, we evaluated a case of know-how (Barium Carbonate) and the results were confirmed by experts.