Critical Success Factors of Innovation in Complex Products and Systems; The Case of National Helicopter

Document Type : Research Paper


Iran Research Organization of Science and Technology


Complex Products and systems (CoPS), have an important and growing role in the economic activities of firms, industries and countries. In the last two decades with changes in the market and technology, advanced industrial nations have tend to produce CoPS. Nowaday in the research and technology priorities there are some national macro-projects such as the construction of aircraft. This indicates the need to investigate the characteristics that influence the success of these projects. The aim of this study is to introduce and evaluate the critical success factors of innovation in complex products and systems. After extraction of indicators that influence the success of innovation and offering them as a model, assumptions will be accepted or rejected by using questionnair data and factor analysis. Then it will determinate the importance of factors, investigate them in the production of national helicopter by using statistical tests and introduce strengths and weaknesses of the national helicopter manufacturing project. Statistical population consisted of University of Tehran professors and experts in the Iran aviation industry organization. The results of this study indicates that the weaknesses of national helicopter manufacturing project are problems in quick entry to potential markets, flexibility, project activities schedule, creating multiple skills, managing complexity and uncertainty, and using integrated knowledge in the process of new product development.