Identify of reduction and overcome strategies to barriers the creation and launch agricultural startups With a phenomenological approach

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Kermanshah, Razi University of Kermanshah, Faculty of Social Sciences

2 Kermanshah, Razi university, social Sciences College, Entrepreneurship Management Group


In this study, we were looking identify of reduction strategies and overcome to barriers the creation and launch agricultural startup with a phenomenological approach that conducted as a qualitative and phenomenological. Participants were 15 executives of agricultural startups in 1395 that Their companies were in the growth stage or growth. And were engaged supported by the Science and Technology Park and through interviews with 11 of them reached theoretical saturation. In order to collect data, in-depth interviews with open-ended questions and data analysis was performed based on colaizzi. The findings in the form of 12 themes emerged which these themes are: The introduction of agricultural startups to public institutions concerned by the Science and Technology Park, Support relevant organizations such as agricultural Jihad, Food and Drug Department to provide basic equipment, Adjustment in macroeconomic policies and decisions in the field of agriculture, Understanding the benefits of the idea to solve a problem in the agricultural sector before the start it, Financial support from the government and non-governmental organizations to provide start-up capital in the agricultural sector.