Modeling technological innovation system by system dynamics approach and analyzing functional indices Case study: technological innovation in developing catalysts for Iranian petrochemical industry

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty of industrial engineering and management systems department, Amirkabir university of technology, Tehran


Innovation systems of any countries is one of the most important subjects that affected directly by science and technology policies. Innovation systems are categorized to: technological, sectoral, regional and national innovation systems. New compounding advantages made by combining every two approaches of innovation systems. In Iran, according to the importance of upstream sector of petroleum industry, petrochemical sector has requirements for creating added value from innovation. According to the sectoral management, the combination technological and sectoral innovation systems seem appropriate for closer analysis of dominated conditions on innovation in this arena. Therefore in this paper, introduced interactions in sectoral innovation system were applied for modeling the technological innovation system about one of the catalystes of Petrochemical industry in Iran. Proposed model was developed by using the System Dynamics approach. Also in this model, Monte Carlo simulation was used to indicate the functions behavior during the innovation lifecycle. The results predict the functions state of the innovation system, analyzing the innovation life cycle and the requirements governing its development. This indicates the status of the development of selected technology in technological innovation system studied.