Steady State Planning for Defense Technology Successful Expanding Readiness Earning

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Out of organization science source importance increase, cause technology readiness change to a main and active capacity in competition base on knowledge. Technology readiness needs identify and steady state planning and capacity driven is one of defense, industrial organization management problem for risk reduce of technology expanding that they face to questions about technology readiness existence stable options and how relationship and effects between them.
Object of this research is effectiveness options determine on technology readiness grow for earning and technology successful expanding and rate of options effect explain for steady state planning. So after expand library studies and introduce to experts of defense industry by Delphi method key options determine that are effectiveness on technology usage, category effectiveness options of organization readiness for defense technology expanding strategies successful implement and calculate relation between guider options include, defense technology expanding management, finance source, human source, organization structure, research and development and guided option include, defense technology driven capacity, organization exit relations, knowledge management and defense industry structure and identify rate of options effects and importance.


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