Determining and prioritizing the influence indices for the CoPS R&D projects outsourcing (A study on Aviation Industries Organization, Iran)

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Malek Ashtar University of Technology

2 Malek Ashtar university of Technology


Regarding the cooperation with superior extra organizational resource suppliers required to the development of CoPS, the strategic outsourcing of the CoPS R&D projects is among the solutions to acquire the resources related to the equipment, knowledge, human resource, and finance. Following the literature review and the explorative interviews, in the present paper, using a Fuzzy Delphi method a survey of 35 experts was conducted in Iranian Organization of Aviation Industries. By studying this case, 21 related indices were derived. Given the reciprocal cause and effect among the indices, the DEMATEL technique was employed to demonstrate these relations. The results of the relations were used to prioritize the indices by ANP . The final prioritization urges that the indices “cost reduction”, “the organization competence in preserving the results and the IPR of the projects”, and “the flexibility of the organization for outsourcing” are of the greatest importance respectively.


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