Identifying the Engine of Radiopharmaceutical Technology Innovation System in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Managment ِDepartment, faculty of Economics and Administrative sciences, Mazandaran University, Babolsar, Iran.

2 IROST, Tehran


Despite international sanctions against Iran's nuclear activities, radiopharmaceutical technology has made significant progress in recent years. This article intends to investigate the radiopharmaceutical technology innovation system in Iran using the approach of innovation engines. The present study is carried out using the mixed method in two quantitative and qualitative sections to evaluate all aspects of the system during the period of 1980-2017. The theoretical basis of this study is Source innovation engines. This was done in the qualitative section using the method of historical analysis of events and in the quantitative section using structural equation modeling technique. Then, according to the exploratory method, the innovation engine of the radiopharmaceutical technology innovation system was identified. According to the results of quantitative section, we found that the "structural engine" loops are formed, but according to the qualitative results, it can be resulted that the characteristics of the system in the structure engine are not fully consistent with the current situation. Therefore, the incomplete formation of the construction engine was accepted and accordingly, we presented policy recommendations for the complete formation of this engine.


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