Keywords = System Dynamics
Development of a fuzzy-dynamic model for developing robust services design strategy under uncertainty (Case study: Banking services)

Volume 9, Issue 3, December 2021, Pages 37-71


Mohammad Karimi; Abbas Toloie Eshlaghi; Nazanin Pilevari Salmasi; Reza Radfar

Dynamics of the Impact of Yazd IT Incubator Policies on the Resilience of its Firms

Volume 8, Issue 2, September 2020, Pages 177-208


Ali Haji Gholam Saryazdi; Sara Sohrabi

A Systematic Model for the Diffusion of Commercial Soft Technology in Iran’s Oil Industry

Volume 6, Issue 3, November 2019, Pages 41-70


Behzad Safaei; Ali Naghi Mosleh Shirazi; Ali Mohamadi; Moslem Alimohammadlou