Influence of levels and types of relationship with the University's on innovative performance in   Fars Science and Technology Park companies

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Universities in recent years, in addition to the production of knowledge also have an important role in sharing and transfer of knowledge. One of the approaches to the development and dissemination of knowledge, is the relationship between businesses and universities that are considered in various forms. At the micro level of analysis, relationship between industry and university can have a positive effect on firm performance. One of the main expectations of this relationship is the impact on a firm's innovative performance. The results of this study that is obtained from innovative performance and the university relationship of the number of companies have been located in Fars Science and Technology using a questionnaire, show the relationship with university of the companies,is in the low level.Also, this relationship could not have a significant influence on the performance of innovative companies. This result indicates that the current mechanisms do not have a relationship with the University of effectiveness and efficiency.


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