Analysis of the research activities conducted in the field of intellectual property in Iran

Document Type : Research Paper



In recent years, intellectual property issue, because of its close relationship with concepts like globalization, free trade, knowledge base economy and technology development has considered in the center of attention of policy-makers and the scientific community's in Iran. To depict a clear picture about IP research activities and to improve the directions of future researches in the field, this paper analyzed these activities in Iran for the period 1984-2013, covering dissertations and for the period 1955-2013, covering scientific papers. By using bibliometric method and theme analysis, the data were analyzed. The results reveal that most of theses and papers done in the field of IP are related to industrial property and brands and patents are the main themes of them. The trend of scientific papers is raising and Iran's IP position in the life cycle is in the embryonic stage at the international level. There was not seen any fundamental researches in this field especially about the relationship between IP, economic development and its effects on social issues in Iran.


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