Identifying and Prioritizing the Effective Factors on Choosing Entry Modes to International Markets (Case study of Iran’s Grand Automakers)

Document Type : Research Paper


مقاله پس از اصلاح و و یرایش ارسال شده و مشخصات مورد درخواست در دفعات قبلی بصورت کامل ارائه شده است.

Globalization as a dominant phenomenon in worldwide economy has had a huge effect on manufacturing and service companies in recent years. Increasing the importance and complexity of "entering to global market" is one of these effects. If in the past, companies entered to the other countries economy by export and direct sales, now there are several methods and mechanisms to enter new markets. Appropriate selection of such markets can lead to the success of the organizations. This study analyzes “entry mode” as one of the key success factors of global activity of companies. After literature review, effective factors on the selection of entry mode were identified and were categorized in a conceptual model. Using this model a case of automotive industry was analyzed to evaluate the effect of considered factors. The result shows that some important factors have been ignored and some strategic decisions have been taken based on less important factors.


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