Identifying the Factors Affecting the Development of Individual Innovation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty member, Yazd University, Yazd, Iran.

2 Ph.d. Student in Marketing Management, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran.

3 Lecturer, Imam Javad University, Yazd, Iran.

4 Faculty Member, Isfahan University, Isfahan, Iran.


Since the present century is drastically changing, complex and competitive, any organization requires continuous or fundamental improvement to achieve growth and competitive advantage. Therefore, today's leaders should be innovating. Research has shown that innovation in organizations is one of the main stimulus factors for competitiveness and national development. However, little empirical research works have been done on employees’ perception considering the impact of organizational factors on individual innovation. The objective of this paper is to identify organizational (or internal) factors important to an individual’s contribution towards innovation. This study is a descriptive and practical survey. Statistical population is consisted of all employees of Gas Corporation in Yazd. To investigate the effect of factors on the innovation, Path Analysis was performed using LISREL software. The results of Path Analysis showed that there is significant relationship between the investigated seven factors and individual innovation. Furthermore, among these factors knowledge was ranked in the first position.