Gap analysis of the triple helix in the field of defense industry

Document Type : Research Paper



Systematic Attitude to triple helix, combines interactions between industry, university and government in the form of innovation system and covers structural and functional concepts of innovation system. In this study, we have tried to investigate the systematic approach to triple helix, , a gap analysis of this system in the country's defense industry. The research is descriptive. The study population consisted of experts of three areas of university, industry and government in the defense industry and 30 were selected for the survey. In the present study, for studying the triple helix system, and a gap analysis was used and to determine the significance of differences by Student's t test of SPSS software and spider diagram. The results show that there is a significant difference between the average situation (perceptions of respondents) and the average optimal situation (expectations of respondents). The gap between the functions of the triple helix is more significant than others that require more serious attention to these domains.


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