Studying performance and behavior of iranian knowledge based firms with a taxonomic approach

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty member, Allameh tabataba'i University

2 Allameh tabataba'i University


Nowadays, technology based firms are considerd as the main source of wealth and market competition fever, and this fact is wildely noticed by the governers and policy makers all across the world. The notice to these firms refered as 'knowledge based' has been also increased in Iran and they have been supported by the laws financially and non-financially. The specific properties owned by the companies are crucial to determine the type of support they receive from the authorities, and based on this fact, by using a sample of 253 knowledge based firms and the cluster analysis technique, The taxonomy of studied companies are provided as 4 cluster of startups, small producers , small service providers and the old ones which their behavior and operations are analysed.