The role of intermediary organization’s capability building in firms Technological collaboration successfulness.

Document Type : Research Paper



In the past decade, intermediary organizations like brokers and innovation intermediates have critical role in the well functioning of national and sectoral innovation system. Based on explorative studies in Iran aerospace sectored we found that intermediaries have other roles such as capability building in the formation and success of technological collaboration. Methodologically, both quantitative and qualitative research methods have been employed. The conceptual model was developed based on explorative studies about previous and current situation of technological collaborations in this sector and identifying problems regarding the formation and success of technological collaborations and also literature review about capability building role of intermediaries. Empirical data was collected using 220 Questionnaires and research hypotheses were examined by statistical analyses such as factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Based on the results of structural equation modeling, the model was validated and the results indicate that capability building is related to collaboration effectiveness. Also we found that partner selection and collaboration design have stronger relationship with capability building role.