The Effect Of Organizational Preparedness Corporate Entrepreneurship On Innovation Performance And Financial Performance: The mediating role of Entrepreneurial orientation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Faculty member of Faculty of Entrepreneurship

2 Kashan university

3 Tehran university


In today's competitive environment, companies focus on entrepreneurial managers try to provide the conditions for appropriate entrepreneurship. Some companies create an enterprise environment that is more entrepreneurial than other organizations. An evaluation of the organization's entrepreneurial environment, theorized and It has been shown that is an important element for success in implementation corporate entrepreneurship strategy. Research on organizational change efforts, Like implementing an corporate entrepreneurship strategy ,Need to analyze the current organizational environment or the status of "Organization Preparation for corporate entrepreneurship".Therefore, in this research has been tried review the effects of Organizational Preparedness Corporate Entrepreneurship on Innovation performance and Financial Performance with mediating variable of Entrepreneurial Orientation in active organizations in the food industry in Tehran. The present study due to its objective is practical and terms of methodology, descriptive correlational. With simple random sampling were selected 254 organizations as an example. For data analysis were used structural equation modeling technique and Smart PLS2 software. The results indicate that the organizational preparedness corporate entrepreneurship variable has a positive and significant effect on financial performance and innovation performance. Also, entrepreneurial orientation variable has a positive and significant effect on innovation and financial performance.The effect of entrepreneurial orientation on the relationship between organizational preparedness corporate entrepreneurship and innovation and financial performance was confirmed .


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