Designing a Technological Entrepreneurship Model in the Banking Industry with a Combined Approach

Document Type : Research Paper


Faculty Member, Department of Entrepreneurship , Parsa Institute of Higher Education, Babolsar, Iran


Today, the application of technology in banks as a solution to organizational problems has created the emergence of the new dimension of the concept of "technological entrepreneurship'. The aim of the current research was to design and apply a technological entrepreneurship model in the banking industry with a hybrid approach. The method was descriptive-correlation. In the first step, the factors on technological entrepreneurship were extracted through a systematic review of the research background and confirmed through semi-structured interviews with 20 academic experts and managers of the banking industry using the fuzzy Delphi method. The output of this stage was 36 components, categorized in 7 dimensions (inter-organizational, structural, institutional, skill, management, market and customer interactions, technology). Then, in the second step, the dimensions were leveled with interpretive structural modeling method and clustered with Micmac analysis, which was analyzed using Excel software. The results showed that the market dimension and customers are at the first level, the dimensions of inter-organizational, institutional, skill, and management interactions are at the second level, the structural dimension is at the third level, and the technology dimension is at the fourth level, so it is considered the most salient dimension and the structural dimensions, Institutional, technology in the independent cluster and management dimension in the linked cluster and the dimensions of inter-organizational, skill, market and customer interactions are placed in the dependent cluster and finally it can be said: one of the important factors of economic growth and increasing the power of banks in the field of competitiveness, special attention to technological entrepreneurship.


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