Identifying and Prioritizing Risks of Technology Collaboration Projects (Biotechnology)

Document Type : Research Paper



Despite technology collaboration is a key source of organizational innovation and competitiveness, many technology collaboration projects are failed each year. We can consider various risks for each technology collaboration but we can increase the probability of project success by identification, assessment and management of these risks. This article tries to response this question what the risks of technology collaboration in hi-tech projects of biotechnology and how much their probability and severity are. To respond this question, some technology collaboration projects in biotechnology sector were selected and the risks were identified. Then their severity, probability and detectability were assessed by appropriate method. In this article, 46 risks of technology collaboration projects in four dimensions-personal, interpersonal, environmental and organizational- were classified. Ten risks were selected as the risks with higher RPN. According to this prioritization and research findings, some suggestions were presented to increase the probability of technology collaboration project success.