Implementation Strategies for Technology Development and Commercialization Programs in Research Institute of Petroleum Industry

Document Type : Research Paper


According to the mission of Research and Technology Organizations (RTOs), they are responsible for technology development and facilitating its commercialization. The complexity and specific nature of each technology and industry requirements, lead to numerous problems in defining technology development and commercialization process and also lack of integrity and compliance with the type and time of technological needs of industry and the defined model for technology development in RTOs make the problems more difficult for RTOs.
In order to respond to these theoretical challenges, this study used a deductive approach to theory building from the perspective of those involved in technology development and commercialization to extract and explain the various models used for the technology development and commercialization in RIPI using exploratory qualitative research methodology. These models are based on case study (multiple-case study) of the technology development and commercialization process for twenty different technologies which are executed in RIPI and six different models of technology development and commercialization have been established.
To validate the proposed model, it was checked by experts opinion and the result was compared with the models of the under developed technology projects to receive the views of experts and pattern matching of models. The evidence provides adequate support confirmation of the developed models. Finally, the results of the study along with an appropriate analysis were presented.