Measuring synergy in scientific and technological ‎collaborations using triple helix indicators (case study: Iranian ‎Nano ISI papers)‎

Document Type : Research Paper



The large data in the collaboration for scientific and techological productions need to precise ‎quantitative analysis for facilitating policy making process. Triple Helix Model (THM) was ‎designed ‎for describing and accounting for interactions between university, industry ‎and ‎government within innovation and development process. Triple helix dynamicity is measured ‎by using the concept of entropy which was ‎introduced in Shanon's information theory by ‎enriching it to mutual information. In this paper, we study THM approch to reveal a way for using ‎this acceptable approch in analyzing networks, institutions, and intern‎ational collaborations for ‎facilitating development of STI in national and enterprise levels.‎